Brow Henna Essentials Kit


Includes :


x1 box of Brow Henna – enough product for up to 30 applications

Choice of colour:


Light Brown

Dark Brown

Copper Brown


Mixing Tools

Conditioning Cleanser

Brow Nourishing Oil

Anti-Bacterial Eyebrow Thread


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Method of application:

CAUTION: Henna colourants can cause sever allergic reactions. DO NOT use Mimic Brows Brow Henna on sensitive, irritated or damaged skin. Always ensure you patch test 48 house before use even if you are a frequent user of Brow Henna. 
PATCH TEST: Mix one pinch of Mimic Brows Brow Henna in a non-metallic bowl with water. Using a cotton bud apply the mixture behind the ear or behind the elbow. Allow the mixture to dry and re-apply it two or three times to the same area allowing it to dry between each application. Do not wash, cover, or touch the area patch tested for 48 hours. Mimic Brows Brow Henna is safe to use if no redness or irritation occurs. 
Directions for use:
One packet of Mimic Brows Brow Henna contains enough product for 8-10 applications. In your measuring cup mix a half spoon of powder with a few drops of water (use dropper provided in the kit) and mix with spoon for 5-10 minutes until the formula resembles a smooth paste. Store the remaining powder in the bottle provided. 
Using Mimic Brows Conditioning Cleanser clean the eyebrows to remove dirt using a cotton pad 
Apply an even layer of Mimic Brows Brow Henna from root to tip using a tinting brush. Leave for 10-15 minutes. For stubborn grey hair, re-apply after 10 minutes and leave for a further 10-15 minutes. Re-apply as needed for desired results. 
Using Mimic Brows Conditioning Cleanser remove Mimic Brows Brow Henna. 
Final Step:
Apply Mimic Brows Brow Nourishing Oil to the eyebrows from root to tip. 
Safety Instructions:
For professional use only
Patch test 48 hours before use
Rinse immediately if product comes into contact with eyes
DO NOT use Mimic Brows Brow Henna on irritated skin
DO NOT use Mimic Brows Brow Henna if client previously experienced allergic reaction to hair dye or to a temporary black henna tattoo
Keep out of reach of children
DO NOT use on eyelashes
If client experiences any redness, irritation, stinging and/or burning during the Henna procedure, rinse immediately and STOP treatment
If client experiences dizziness, shortness of breath and/or swelling of the eyes/ face rinse immediately and STOP treatment
Advise clients to avoid direct sunlight or sunbeds after treatment as this may cause allergic reaction
Allow five weeks between each treatment
Store in a cool, dry place
Product contains PPD and Hydrogen Peroxide
For external use only
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Black, Blonde, Copper Brown, Dark Brown, Light Brown